Be Smart Home Buying
With 500 Years Experience

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Welcome to the Smart Homebuying With 500 Years Experience media web site. To assist you, here are 13 Questions and Answers with background information.

PDF Document Who, What, When, Where, Why, How?
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  1. PDF Document How To Avoid $300/$1,000 of Yearly Flood Insurance costs (5 minutes)

  2. PDF Document Avoid Drilling Salty Drinking Wells... Save $2,500-$5,000 (3 minutes)

  3. PDF Document Don't Go To Jail... Don't be a Party to Mortgage Fraud... Pick an Ethical Appraiser (12 minutes)

  4. PDF Document Pick a Skilled Home Inspector: 30 Questions To Ask (8 minutes)

  5. PDF Document Twelve Suggestions Choosing a Capable Real Estate Attorney (3 minutes)

  6. PDF Document Settle Home-Buying Disputes Without the Costly and Overloaded Court Systems... 23 Arbitration Points And Procedures (8 minutes)

  7. PDF Document How to Pick a Competent, Ethical Appraiser... 13 Interview Questions (7 minutes)

  8. PDF Document Understanding Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)... Stop Paying $312 - $732 Yearly For Nothing (4 minutes)

  9. PDF Document Know The 3 Biggest Home Defects... Avoid $2,000 $10,000 and More in Repairs (10 minutes)

  10. PDF Document 36 Hot Tips From the $200 Real Estate Attorney Interview... "Do's" and "Dont's" (8 minutes)

  11. PDF Document Review 145-Item Smart Home buyer Checklist (27 minutes)

  12. PDF Document Avoid Bankruptcy... 3 Owner-built Pitfalls (5 minutes)

  13. PDF Document Two Commonly Overlooked Construction Design Problems... Negotiate to Save $1,000's (1 minute)

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